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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Supercross in Seattle

The first race of the season at Grays Harbor Raceway got canceled due to rain (Not a surprise..We live in Washington) ...So Drew and I headed off to the Super Cross at Quest Field in Seattle.

After missing the ferry we.... finally got there but not in time to get into the pits....Our seats were high, but the view was good and the racing was great!! James Stewart won his heat, the dash and the main...I'm not sure that's proper terminology..It's what we would have called them at the car races.

Me on my 230
Anyway when we got up the next morning Drew and I did some work on our track and then spent the afternoon riding.....Mom cam out to take some pictures....believe it or not the sun was shinning..(Haven't seen that in a while here).....

Drew on Autumn's Quad

We plan on making the track bigger yet but that will probably be this summer...

That was my weekend and my Sunday in my City....Oh ya...we did have an incident with a couple coyotes...but that another story...

Unknown Mami


  1. I used to live in Michigan - hundreds of cloudy days and quite a bit of rain - so glad you got a chance to head to Seattle to see some fun.

  2. You're wearing a seat belt on your 230, right? I'm kidding. You left me in suspense about the coyotes.


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