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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Riding

Yesterday was the first day of spring, it was warm and sunny and perfect for some spring riding!!

...even my kid sister joined me!

Autumn can handle that quad better than most guys I know!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Hair and Chipmunks


I admit my hair was a little bit long in the last picture...but thats NOT a ponytail...It's my pet chipmunk Twitch....All my moms friends...put your glasses on!!! :)

And as for our shop at home his buddy hides seeds in everthing...I can't leave my riding boots in the garage for a day with out finding seeds in them the next time I slip them on.

I also wanted to make sure that Kerri Sample of "Rainmaker Collision and Restoration" knows how much I appericated the use of his shop last Sunday!! Thanks a Ton!!

And while I am saying my Thank yous....A Ginormous THANKS TO DON BILLINGS for letting me drive his Midget this year!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotto work on my RC Car.....Later

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Racing...It's finally getting close!!

We spent all last Sunday in Kerri Sample's shop (which by the way is nothing like ours..It's big and clean and there are no chipmunks...but that another story) putting my new seat in Don's Midget ...

I also got to hang out with Justin, who is one of my favorite Quarter midget drivers! You can watch him race this season at the I-5 Quarter Midget track in Elma. He'll be racing Senior Honda (He took the Championship last year) and Light 160. He also got Driver of Year.....Go Justin.
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