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Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback - When I First Started Driving

Many people ask me; "When did you first start driving?" So I thought for "FLASHBACK FRIDAY" I'd show you my first car...or jeep in this case!
I'm not really sure when I first started driving, but this was the first vehicle I owned...It was a hand me down from my Cousin Dillon (Who is now a member of my pit crew)...Before then, Gus and I would ride the baby jogger down the hill backwards and call it the "Bumble Bee" but that's a different story!

Anyway, even then I had fans to wave too..."Hi Mom!"

Of course I didn't have a pit crew so I had to do all the work myself.

Even worked on the engine!
So now ya know....This is where it all began.

So what's your Flashback?

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  1. You were so cute. Where's the cowboy hat and boots?


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