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Friday, June 11, 2010

Flahback Friday - Dirt Grands 2006

For Flashback Friday were going back to the Summer of 2006 ... to The Dirt Grands, at Elma WA.
(My car, my A-Main trophy's and myself)
The Dirt Grands are a National event held once a year for Quarter Midgets...We had drivers from, as far away as Florida!
I raced 4 different cars in 4 different classes (They were all Quarter Midgets) and I made it into the A-Main in all of them...looking back that was a pretty big deal in itself!

(Mom Dad and I after winning the "World Formal" race.)

I won, I won the world formal race...the cool thing is...it was the fist year they had a World Formal class....It still kind of blows me away!!

(Me in my World Formal)

The truth is I had planned on...or should I say counted on winning the Half class (For those of you who don't know the different classes are the types of motors in the cars.)
Anyway I was moving up from the back ... passing cars one lap at a time ..when a car came down on me...hit me hard and that was the end...I was out of the race. ...... I don't think I have ever been so MAD!!!
I went back to my car trailer and sat inside, crying and hitting my elbow hard against the trailer wall.......That was all I could do...

(Introducing the driver before the race)

Mom found me there and insisted I go back out and race my last race....(Which of course was the World Formal)...I refused...I just wanted to give up and be left alone....My blood was boiling inside of me and my emotions were out of control!!
Why bother...I'll just get hit again!
Well you know how Moms are...I did go out and race that last race and as they say:


That is how I became the first ever


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  1. Oh man, in that first picture, 3 of the trophys are taller than you are! What do you even do with a trophy that tall??

  2. I LOVED going to the races but I haven't been in years. When I was younger I wanted to race mini-cup cars with my friend but could never afford it. I'm jealous.


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