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Monday, May 3, 2010

Going Topless at Deming

( Huh.......Did someone say topless?!?)
No, NO, NO....Not that kind...We took the wings off our cars...off the TOP of our cars (the fronts too)! But it did get your attention - didn't it?
It was a great night, the track was hooked up and fast and Dad had my car set up just right!!! I even qualified OK (I have mention that qualifying is not my strong point)! There is just something about racing with out the wings that I like!!!
Anyway I started 5th in my heat race and passed two cars in the first two laps...I was working on passing the 3rd place car, when he slowed down and went sideways....the track was too slick for me to stop, so I hit him and spun out.......This put me in the back of the pack for the restart. But...I did mention my car was set up just right....I took a chance and decided to try the outside groove...It worked.....It was awesome, I was passing cars two at a time and made it all the way up to second place...In just 6 laps...It was a lot of fun!!!!
I was looking forward to the A-Main when the rains hit and yet again they cancelled the races.
But, ya know what? It was still a good night!!!

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