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Monday, April 26, 2010

Rained Out

Well, so far I have been rained out of my last 2 races...Once at Grays Harbor and last Friday at Deming.
But let me give you an update on the 2 races I did finish. Both were at Deming in the 600, where I am now 5th in points.......I qualified awful.....and did not do well in my heat races either....This put me in the back of the pack in the B-Main.......On the up side, I LOVE to pass...There is just something fun about lining up and the swooping in for that clean pass!!!! Cool thing is Deming give passing points!! (Bad thing is they also give points on qualifying). Anyway in the first race I won the B-main and transferred to the A- Main where I went from 16th to 6th.
Headed out of the pits
On the 2nd night I went from 12 to 5th in the B-Main which gave me a transfer spot. In the A-main I started dead last (17th - do to my crummy qualifying) but made it up to 13th place.... Love those passing points.....Anyway it's great to be back on the dirt!!!

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